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2012 Ten Years Later Jim Spiri Interviews February 27, 2012 Audio Sgt. Cliff Aughe Sgt Jason Bowen
Feb 27, Jim Spiri Sgt. Cliff Aughe
Feb 27, Jim Spiri Sgt Jason Bowen. PART 1 audio PART 2 audio
Feb 23, 2012 Jim Spiri -CW2 Patrick Magill Las Cruces, NM Click for Audio - MP3 format
Feb 23, 2012 Jim Spiri -Sgt. Curtis Tenorio Magdalena, NM Click for Audio - MP3 format
Feb 23, 2012 Sgt Albino Griego Click for Audio - MP3 format
February 23, 2012 Audio February 24, 2012 Audio
Feb 24, Jim Spiri Jerry Moya
Feb 24, Jim Spiri 1st Sgt. Charles Boyer
Feb 24, Jim Spiri Sgt. Hardisty
Feb 24, Jim Spiri Sgt. Benavidez
Feb 24, Jim Spiri Capt. James Mitchell
February 25, 2012 Audio
Feb 25, Jim Spiri Sgt Meg Ford, 28-years-old, is pictured here at Camp Dwyer, Helmund province, Afghanistan.  Ford is a flight medic serving with C-Company, 1st BN, 171st AVN Reg, of the New Mexico National Guard Sgt. Meg Ford
Spc. Armando Martinez
February 25, 2012...Spc. Armando Martinez, a crew chief on Blackhawk medevac helicopters, is seen here with a military working dog that is being transported for treatment.  Martinez is from Santa Fe, NM and is part of C-company, 1st BN, 171st AVN Regiment serving at forward operating base Edinburgh, in Helmand province Afghanistan. Spc. Armando Martinez
Sgt Papp, from the Minnesota National Guard is seen here as Blackhawk medevac finishes mission
Sgt Papp, from the Minnesota National Guard is seen here as Blackhawk medevac finishes mission.  Papp is a flight medic and part of C-company, 171st AVN Regiment He speaks about his deployment working with NM Guard Sgt Eric Papp
February 29, 2012 Audio Staff Sargent Ian Weiger Crew Chief Sgt Felicia Espinosa
Staff Sargent Ian Weiger.  It was taken on February 29, 2012. Sgt. Ian Weiger
Crew Chief Sgt Felicia Espinosa, 33-years-old, from the Arizona National Guard, is seen caring for an injured Afghan national in Helmand province that was hit by a vehicle and medevaced to a medical facility for treatment.  Photo by Jim Spiri, SPIRI FREELANCE Sgt Felicia Espinosa
March 02, 2012 Audio CW2 Carlos Sena W2 Mario Medina March 03, 2012 Audio W2 Brandon Seay March 01, 2012 Audio Sgt. Zachery Menzie March 04, 2012 Audio Lt. Holly Vance #11 Sunset #12 Forest #13 The Expense #14 Crew Duties #15 Busy #16 The Hat #17 Family #18 Change #19 Go...! #20 Left Edinburgh Sgt. Cliff Aughe LCDR. Jonathan Auten Sgt. Benavidez SSGT. Noah Berg Cpt. Chris Biebeau USMC LCPL. Brandon Bobieu W3. Charles Boehler Sgt. Catina Booker Sgt. Jason Bowen Sgt. Brian Bowling Gnry. Sgt. Kendra Bowen 1st Sgt. Charles Boyer W5. Gary Button W2 Aaron Caswell Sgt. Danny Chavez Cpt. Kevin Doo Cpt. Thomas Dunn Sgt Felicia Espinosa Cpl. Christopher DelFratte Sgt. Meg Ford Sgt. Keith Gensamer Sr.Chief Terry Green Sgt Albino Griego W2. Chris Griego Maj. Ryan Grippin Sgt Hardisty Sgt. Ryan Haworth Sgt. Troy Hayes W3. Joshua Jacobson Spc. Brandon Jewell SFC. Jeff Johnson Sgt. Christopher Kist Cpt. Andrew Krause Lt. Nicole Lundsford SFC Jesus Maestas CW2 Patrick Magill Spc. Armando Martinez Sgt. Edward Martinez III W2 Mario Medina Sgt. Zachary Menzie Capt. James Mitchell Sgt. Amanda Montoya W2. Jose Moreno Jerry Moya W2. Daniel Nicolaus Spc. Jesse Ochoa Sgt Eric Papp Sgt Heath Petty Mr. Poulson SSGT. Derrick Ragion USMC Sgt. William Reavis Lt. Col. Lori Robinson Spc. Anthony Romero W2. Brandon Seay CW2 Carlos Sena Col. Frank Tate Sgt. Curtis Tenorio W2 Ryan Teves Spc. Tosa Spc. Wes Trancosa W2. Gabriel Trujillo Lt. Holly Vance CW2 Don Viray Sgt. Ian Weiger
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