The Last Journey

September 12, 13 and 14, 2010

 #37 COP Turbett




12th…Day after 9/11, spent time writing and putting audios and photos together.  Took shower, washed clothes, got all organized. Went for walk in bazaar and got hit by rock in the head.  Looked around and felt the anger from the crowd. I was angry after that incident.  Spent time that evening talking with Capt Zepeda and Tim Ohanolon of DOD about Gen. Maddis and Marjah, etc.

13th…All day air was red.  The guys here called it a snow day.  That being a day off.  Called Candi this day.  Basically vegged out all day long.  However, was asked to take photos at bazaar for Lt. Boyle and did accomplish and give to him end product.


14th…Had breakfast with Capt. Zepeda and discovered that today would be the push to clear out the area called Sistani, in the western part of the AO where elections are supposed to be held, maybe.  Geared up and prepared for that and rested up as long as possible.  Was given a new set of cammies by gunny.  Will spend maybe two days out there, will plan to come back with the CO if possible. Took photos of school kids exiting the tents as requested by Lt. Boyle.


September 12th  was the slow day.  September 13th the air was what is called “red” meaning helicopters can not fly so no missions are done due to no medevac support.  September 14th was the day to rest for a later in the afternoon departure out to patrol base Chosin, where 1st platoon is to do the mission to Sistani the next day.


End for now.


Jim Spiri